Update to questions and answers in June’s Shop Talk Re: 1/2 day Christmas Eve/New Years Eve

The Union has been provided emails from December 2016 from the employer. A memorandum and agreement with the Union in December 2016 was agreed upon. The memorandum states the districts days of work are Monday to Saturday. If December 23rd, 24th or December 30th, 31st land on a Saturday, those days would be considered “the last working day before Christmas and New Years” as per Article 6.2 c. If you have any questions, please contact the union office.

Sorry for the confusion,

Jane Gibbons


COVID and WorkSafe

Members are reminded that, if they get sick from COVID, they should be filing a WorkSafe claim. Covid is an Industrial Disease and has been for over a year. Sick days or other compensation may come from this and the vast majority of these claims have been approved. The basic premise for adjudication thus far is it is known that there is COVID in schools and it’s difficult to rule out contracting Covid from work and so, the claims have been approved on that basis.